What I’m Doing Now


Introducing Killaword.com

Nobody has time to figure out your confusing messaging. Which means you’re losing sales.

With killaword.com I cut all the noise out of your sales and marketing. As a result, your revenue goes up.

Systems are where it’s at?

Whoo, I’m starting to get very busy. It’s revealing every crack in every system I have. As a writer I have resisted the press of systems and procedures. But as a person who is creating a business, gotta have ’em. Gotta.

Podcasting Again

It’s not The Seanachai (although I’ll be reposting some of the best episodes) This time around it is less formal and more personal. Essays and insights. Which makes sense. Can’t be the same podcast, because I’m not the same person. Here’s the latest episode:

Playing Guitar

Like many, I’ve noodled with the instrument for a long time — written songs, played out a bit — but now I’m knuckling down and really learning it with a focus on jazz and swing. It’s fine recreation that doesn’t involve words or computer screens, which is just what I need right now.

In fact, I’m doing almost all the music for the intro and outro of the podcast

This page is an excellent idea I picked up from Derek Severs. You should make one for yourself.