What I’m Doing Now


New Evil

I’ve written three new books in the How to Succeed in Evil Series. My target launch for the first one, “The Boggus” is August 1st. It will be available in ebook and podcast form. Keep up to date and get episodes by joining my Substack list


One good thing to come from the COVID lockdown. I started taking more responsibility for my fitness. I knew how to sling a ‘bell around, I just didn’t. And perversely, somehow when I could go to the the gym, I put it off. But the garage is all set up and I’ve been at it for about three months. Now. Can’t say enough good things about using a cannonball with a handle to get into shape.

I wouldn’t recommend jumping into this without some good 1-on-1 instruction, but here’s the basics from a guy I think is both brilliant and entertaining.

Playing Guitar

Like many, I’ve noodled with the instrument for a long time — written songs, played out a bit — but now I’m knuckling down and really learning it with a focus on jazz and swing. It’s fine recreation that doesn’t involve words or computer screens, which is just what I need right now.

And it has the added benefit of being a wonderful sitting around hobby. Great for shelter-in-place. You should totally start. The first bits can be tough and discouraging, but the lifetime after that is great.

This page is an excellent idea I picked up from Derek Severs. You should make one for yourself.