What I’m Doing Now



The first book of the new How to Succeed in Evil series is now being released on Substack. You can get the entire audiobook (plus a lot of other work) by becoming a paid subscriber.


One good thing to come from the COVID lockdown. I started taking more responsibility for my fitness. I knew how to sling a ‘bell around, I just didn’t. And perversely, somehow when I could go to the the gym, I put it off. But the garage is all set up and I’ve been at it for about three months. Now. Can’t say enough good things about using a cannonball with a handle to get into shape.

I wouldn’t recommend jumping into this without some good 1-on-1 instruction, but here’s the basics from a guy I think is both brilliant and entertaining.

Playing Guitar

Like many, I’ve noodled with the instrument for a long time — written songs, played out a bit — but now I’m knuckling down and really learning it with a focus on jazz and swing. It’s fine recreation that doesn’t involve words or computer screens, which is just what I need right now.

And it has the added benefit of being a wonderful sitting around hobby. Great for shelter-in-place. You should totally start. The first bits can be tough and discouraging, but the lifetime after that is great.

This page is an excellent idea I picked up from Derek Severs. You should make one for yourself.