How To Kill a Word

To help people with their writing, I put together an ebook called “How to Kill a Word.”

It worked so well, that I’ve expanded it into a five-day email course. If you sign up below, you’ll get one 7-10 minute video every day for five days, that explain and expand on the concepts in the How to Kill a Word ebook. The videos are fun, bite-sized and very powerful. And each lesson has an optional exercise to help you progress even faster. 

I won’t say that improving your writing is easy, but How to Kill a Word makes it easier than anything else I’ve seen. So, sign up. It’s totally free. 


People should be required to take your class before they work in marketing. Like the mandatory military service in Switzerland.


Adam Roe


The feedback from my team has been fantastic. Everyone appreciated the tools and tactics… and were able to implement them immediately. They’re all writing faster, shorter and, most importantly, better. I’m looking forward to rolling this out to our entire group!


Travis Unwin