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The Award-Winning Saga begins a New Chapter

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“How to Succeed in Evil the first book since ‘Good Omens’ to make me laugh so hard that I lost my place and then prevented me from reading further by putting tears in my eyes. If you love superheroes and comics like I do, or hate them like my wife does, you’ll find this book awesome.” Amazon Reviewer

Edwin Windsor, Efficiency Consultant for Supervillains, attempts to tame a rage-fueled Crazy Psycho Murder Tree hell-bent to revenge itself on meat-kind.

He delegates much of the job to his most recent hire, underdog, defense attorney and literal little guy, Talmadge Haggleblat. But when Talmadge finds himself caught between the highly-privileged social justice vigilante “The Lynx” and The Crazy Psycho Murder Tree itself, will he be crushed in the undergrowth or will he find a way to Succeed in Evil?

The Story of Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant, who tries to make his Super-villain clients more profitable but often fails because they are so megalomaniacal. (Satire, Superhero)
“Richard Stark fans will relish heistmeister Hobbs in this well-plotted tale of robbery, murder and revenge.” — Publisher’s Weekly
The Seanachai. A delightful podcast from the
earliest days of the genre.