What I’m Doing Now


Getting my Business Together

Getting my business life together. I’ve had a very interesting career and worked with a lot of great people, but I’ve never really narrowed down an offering and gone after a niche or market. So I’m rebuilding the airplane while it’s in flight. It’s fun. It’s a little bit crazy. It’s fun because it’s a little bit crazy. 

UPDATE 12/23: What this means right now is that I’m learning to use an OKR system for everything. Which is going to necessitate a wholesale update of this page, for sure.

Developing a Kid’s Play Program. 

They told my son he wasn’t allowed to play tag in the 22 minutes of recess they give them a day. So I started www.roughhouseplay.com. My wife and I currently have 12 kids two nights a week (plus every other Saturday). If you have kids 5-8 you should start one of your own. I’ll be releasing the curriculum available early next year. This isn’t just me being crazy, everything we’re doing is supported by The American Academy of Pediatrics which deemed play “a wonder drug”. 

Playing Guitar

Like many, I’ve noodled with the instrument for a long time — written songs, played out a bit — but now I’m knuckling down and really learning it with a focus on jazz and swing. It fine recreation that doesn’t involve words or computer screens, which is just what I need. 

This page is an excellent idea I picked up from Derek Severs. You should make one for yourself.