Website Overhaul

Look at your website. What do you see? What is most important? What did you spend the most time on when developing it?

If you are involved in website development at all, you probably see the design. But the web isn’t about design. Designing for the web is really about words.

And when you get a prospective buyer to your website if they can’t quickly find substance, they will leave.

Website Overhaul is the how I take what you have and boil it down to it’s purest, most effective essence. And it comes in two flavors.

Quick and Effective
  • Three weeks
  • Rewrite and polish ~20 pages
  • 1-2 case studies for outbound prospecting
I’d like to take some time
and make it perfect
  • Three months
  • 5 customer/stakeholder interviews
  • Customer profiles
  • Customer journey
  • CX/UX recommendations
  • Overhaul 5-10 case studies
  • 3 production ready video and ebook ideas