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The Seanachai

The Seanachai[1] is the Podcast of Author Patrick E. McLean. It started in 2005, went on hiatus and has now returned. Here are the new episodes.

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This Seanachai Site is in a transitional state. The older episodes are no longer provided in the feed, but will be worked in and available for download en masse soon. in the meantime here are a few of the more popular, older episodes

The Vampire in My Attic

The HenryMan List

A Change in Orbit

Bright Lights

Death of a Dishwasher

The Redneck Expeditionary Force

The War with Santa

Blame Abraham

The complete list of episodes can be found here.

The best of the Seanachai is also collected in Stories I Told Myself which is available in physical and e-book form on Amazon

  1. A fancy Celtic word which means storyteller.

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