Patrick E. McLean : Just what it says on the tin.


Seriously, you’ve always wanted to be part of something like this, haven’t you? And even if you haven’t, you’ve joined a lot crappier email lists for even less of a reason.

I promise:

  1. I won’t waste your time.1
  2. I won’t be boring.2
  3. I’ll only email you when I’ve really got news about something3
  4. Any emails will have way fewer footnotes per square inch.4

  1. More importantly, I won’t waste my time. I’m a busy guy. Finding the time to put together an email, even when I have stuff to share, is hard enough. 
  2. To be boring is a sin. If they didn’t tell you this in church it’s because you went to a boring church. 
  3. Seriously, I’ve had this list since at least 2008. I’ve sent out maybe four emails. Mostly for new books. I’d like to get my act together and send out twice that many emails. But still, one a year? C’mon. Sign up already. 
  4. ‘Cause how could they have more than this? 

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