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Story Included in ‘Walk the Fire’

The anthology just hit #8 on Kindle:SciFi:Anthologies. I’d like to say that the meteoric rise of this anthology was due to the fact that one of my stories is in it, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. Here’s the complete list of authors. It’s quite a cast and I’m flattered to have been asked.

J. Daniel Sawyer, Edward W. Robertson, Matthew Sanborn Smith, Brand Gamblin, Jason Andrew Bond, Patrick McLean, Nathan Lowell, Jake Bible, John Mierau

The premise of Walk the Fire is that certain people can walk through certain fires, effectively granting them a teleportation power. The idea was John Mierau’s brainchild and he gave us a great deal of freedom in how we executed it. Basically, he said, use the power, and set it anytime in history.

Contrarian that I am, rather than set it far-off in space, far off in the future, I picked Victorian England, and wrote something that John described as Oscar Wilde, Action Hero. As hysterical as the thought is, is an apt description. It’s Arthur Conan Doyle type story, one character recounting fantastic events to another that breaks into resolving action at the end. It was a blast to write.

With what little spare time time I have this Sunday, I’m settling down to read Walk the Fire. I am very excited to see what other writers did with the same setup.

Have a look for yourself:

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