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How to Free Your Writing

I’ve been feeling trapped by success. And by that I mean, I have a lot of cool projects and great things going on in my life right now, which means that I have a lot I have to do. “Have to,” can feel like it is in direct opposition to creativity and exploration. If I don’t have adequate time for just messing around, I start to get antsy.

So here’s my solution. I promised myself that for December I would spend at least 25 minutes (that’s one pomodoro, for those in the know)1 writing everyday. But I wouldn’t constrain what I was working on. In fact, I would open it up to write any piece of any idea I have ever had.

This is important. I have a tremendous backlog of things I’d like to write. I have three books outlined right now. And a list of book ideas that’s 35 items long. It takes a long time to write a book. But it takes much less time to have ideas for one.

Some of these ideas cry out to be written. It literally hurts me that I can’t get to them. But my December experiment is very liberating. I get to play where ever or with whatever I want. It’s like an ADD kid’s paradise.

Here are a few of the ideas I’ve been working with:

I am having a blast. And I’m making good progress. The hardest part of any project is starting. And, this way, I just pound through it, liberated by the knowledge that it’s just an experiment, the quality of which I will judge later.

As of yesterday, I’m averaging 967 words per day for the month of December. And I haven’t spend much more than 25 minutes a day. Happy. And Holidays. How cool is that?

  1. Actually, it’s Seinfeldian Pomodoro chain but that term just looks rediculous on the screen doesn’t it?↩ 

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