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good words (right order)

As some of you know, in 2005 I started helping professionals with their writing. This work involves coaching individuals, designing instructional materials and teaching classes. I work primarily with VBHs (Very Busy Humans) at innovative companies.1 In terms of corporate classification, this activity generally falls under Talent Development, Leadership Development, and/or Human Resources.

I’m happy to say that this really kicked into high gear in July of last year. I’ve added more coaches and have launched2 a dedicated good words (right order) website.. The website is now ready for prime time (they aren’t bugs, they’re features!) so please check it out.

In keeping with my beliefs about how the world and the web works, I’m giving away everything I know. Most of what I’ve learned as a professional, rent-paying writer, I learned the hard way. Why not go to school on my mistakes?

My approach does not focus on grammar. While grammar is an excellent tool for studying language, it’s not well suited to teaching the task of writing. Writing is something that people do, so focusing on human performance (rather than linguistic mechanics) makes more sense to me. Thankfully, it also get better results.

At its most basic, the work I do helps people make the writing process easier and the writing product more powerful.

  1. Or in innovative parts of regular companies.  ↩ 
  2. Technically it’s a relaunch. The only way you would know this is if you have been with me for a while, or you just like reading footnotes.  ↩ 

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