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  • Lyall Pearce

    Your contact email is invalid on the contact page – there is no username@ before the domain name!

    I noticed that Hostile Takeover is in kindle form but I have
    love HtSiE in podcast/audiobook form and am currently listening to
    Consultation with a Vampire.

    Can I obtain HT in audiobook/podcast form? Can it be bought?

    Oh, and where is your Donate button ? 🙂


    • PatrickEMcLean

      Hostile Takeover is next on my list of things to record. Should be available the end of October. I think it will be both free (podiobooks) and pay (audible and this website.)

      Don’t donate, spread the word!

  • fofowalker

    I am a huge fan of all of your work. You have a great reading voice (something I’m pretty picky about) and the writing is phenomenal. Great characters, sharp dialogue, entertaining plots. The prologue to HtSiE is one of the most memorable things I’ve ever heard/read. It was a great way to establish what a true hero is at the beginning of a tale about superheroes.Thank you so much for your hard work, and I look forward to anything else you make.

    • PatrickEMcLean

      Thanks for noticing the prologue. I’m proud of it, but feel, in some ways, that it’s better than the book that follows. Re-editing Evil is in the plans for sure. What can I say, first book.

      Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for reaching out.