For years I’ve been doing a lot of my work using shared screens and/or shared Google docs. It is a remarkable way to work, and absolutely the best way to help someone improve their writing. Here’s an examplesplanation: 

Co-writing is a great way to:

  • Make generating original content fast and fun
  • Stay accountable to your writing goals (like a personal trainer for writing)
  • Learn to be a better writer with less effort
  • Jumpstart a professional book or blog.

Patrick has a knack for getting what you want to say out of your head and onto the paper in a clear, conscise manner. He frees you from using too many words and allows you to get to your point much quicker (or is it more quickly?) His instant feedback and critique allow for course corrections and improvements to take place right before your eyes. At the end of it you know feel better about what you have communicated, and better able to do it the next time. 


Lynne Ingersoll

Carolinas Healthcare System

Patrick was just snarky enough to make me realize I could write my book. Exactly what I needed.


Marilyn Carpenter

Client Acquisition Strategist