Patrick E. McLean : Just what it says on the tin.

The Schwa

There is a letter of which the other letters never speak. It has been left out of the children’s songs. It is not welcome on Sesame Street. It goes where it must. It works behind the language. Performing dangerous acts of pronunciation deep within the darkest dictionaries. There is no way to pronounce the true sound of this letter, but some call it Schwa. It’s a covert ops kind of vowel.

The motto translates, “From books, freedom”
Original art by Brandon Scharr

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She’s is a type unto herself. She doesn’t like the way she looks in red. In fact, she doesn’t really like the way she looks. She’s a hard-working career woman who sometimes wonders if repressing her femininity to get ahead was a mistake. She thinks she’ll have plenty of time to think about that sort of thing when she retires, but she is mistaken. She’s never going to retire. If she did, she would have too much time to think.

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