Patrick E. McLean : Just what it says on the tin.

The Merchant Adventurer


An ordinary, money-grubbing Merchant struggling to make a coin off penniless, incompetent adventurers is forced to take on the impossible quest of saving his town and rescuing the woman he loves from a treacherous and powerful Wizard. A battle of wit, wits and haggling that is part homage to, part skewer of the richly worked and often overwrought fantasy genre.
An artful, satire of dungeon crawls and cRPG’s, the Merchant Adventurer is part Princess Bride, part Dungeon Pawn Stars and a rollicking good read.

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HtSiE: Consultation With a Vampire


A light-hearted, madcap prequel to How to Succeed in Evil.

Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant, returns with his manic lawyer Topper and his faithful secretary in this prequel to How to Succeed in Evil. Edwin is approached by a vampire, who offers him the prospect of eternal life if Edwin will help him with the troubles the modern world has presented his kind. It’s Edwin versus Nosferatu in this insightful satire of the highly exploited vampire genre.


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HtSiE — Hostile Takeover


What happens when a loyal henchman, or better yet, hench-laywer rebels against his criminal mastermind?

The answer is Hostile Takeover, the sequel to How to Succeed in Evil. Victorious over the forces of good (such as they are) Edwin Windsor is free to do the most evil thing he can imagine: open up an insurance company. Sure, it’s a cover for using the Cromoglodon (think, the Hulk) in a protection racket, but when Omdemnity Insurance begins to succeed on it’s own merits, it creates a problem for his loyal, violent, debaucherous and very, very short hench-lawyer Topper. When you get into the game for the action, the last thing you want is a real job.

After Edwin and his company suck all the fun out of his life, Topper rebels. Staging an unlikely, uphill coup against the smartest, most thorough genius he has ever known.

If you’ve ever had a job you hated. If you’ve ever secretly rooted for Lex Luthor. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if the henchman was in charge. And, especially if you’ve read How to Succeed in Evil, you’ll love, How to Succeed in Evil:Hostile Takeover.

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How to Succeed in Evil


How to Succeed in Evil is the story of Edwin Windsor, Evil Efficiency Consultant. He tries to help supervillains be more villainous. Or at least more profitable and sensible about the business side of Evil.

Along with his very proper and English secretary Agnes and his hench-lawyer Topper, he struggles to make the world of superpowered people make sense. But this is very difficult because, while Edwin’s advice is excellent, all of his clients are too egomaniacal to listen. There is, it must be said, a bit of comedy in this work.

Edwin struggles with a cast of characters including, Dr. Loeb, a trust fund child who desperately wants to be an Evil Genius, but has none of the talent. Dr. Loeb’s hideous mother, Iphagenia – who’s evil scheme is to foment a second Southern Rebellion, beginning with Lower Alabama. And the Cromogoldon, a brute with forehead villainous low and quite possibly the strongest creature on the planet.

Inevitably, Edwin’s unique clientele lead him into direct conflict with the greatest superhero of them all, Excelsior. And so, the quiet, restrained intellectual is pitted against heroic force.

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He was just, Unkillable.

Unkillable is the story of a young man named Dan who is killed and brought back from the dead for a shot at revenge. He doesn’t have superpowers or supernatural forces on his side. He can be hurt. He can be maimed. The only thing he’s got going for him is that he is Unkillable.

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