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A Good Miss


2014 was a big year for me. I tried some new things. I put down some old ones. I said goodbye to a good friend. And, as a result of all of this, I set a crazy goal. In August, I said, I’m gonna write the first draft of five books before the end of the year. I failed. But, as I reflect upon that failure, it surely does look like a win.

First, a book is a lousy unit of measure. You’re never really sure what you’re getting into when you start to write one, least of all, how long is should be. So let’s look at word count. I’ve written 300,000+ words of fiction this year. 219,000 of that is in a series that just keeps expanding. I would say, I drafted two and a half books and roughed in three more. I also knocked off a draft of another How to Succeed in Evil book. So call it three and a half book drafts.

Now, these drafts need plenty of work. But, holy crap, thatsa lotta output! Especially when you consider that I carried a full load of freelance throughout the year.

I missed my goal. But, still, it’s a good miss.

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